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Travelling to Lake Sevan at Armenia

Check with your local authority before travelling:

Armenia stays one of the most underestimated travel goals in the Caucasus locale and the inconceivably blue, shimmering Lake Sevan its star fascination.

Lake Sevan is a famous goal for Armenians who will in general spend their sweltering summers in the region getting a charge out of the sandy sea shores and cool waters. Somewhere else, in the more remote pieces of the nation, winding streets encompassed by snow-bested mountains pave the way to breathtaking, forlorn religious communities set in some amazing grand areas where meeting different visitors or voyagers is an irregularity. With Lake Sevan taking up over 5% of Armenia’s surface, there’s a considerable amount occurring around its broad shores. A little promontory, which was before an island, is home to a ninth century Armenian church called Sevanavank while the inquisitive Noratus graveyard and singular Hayravank religious community are close by.


What to do in Lake Sevan

In case you’re arranging an outing from Yerevan to Lake Sevan, I exceptionally recommend you remain for the time being there and give some an opportunity to the locale. By simply taking a day trip up that way, you won’t get the chance to visit the same number of nearby organizations and trust us, there are some fabulous spots to eat in and around Sevan and some truly intriguing spots to visit there also.

These are a portion of the things we suggest doing when you’re in Lake Sevan, remembering numerous sights for Sevan city, a spot that is somewhat disregarded contrasted with the Sevan Landmass yet is unquestionably worth a visit.


Where to stay at Lake Sevan

The western and northern shores of Lake Sevan are home to a wide scope of convenience alternatives. A significant number of the hotels have beachside lodges with sea shore get to however the mid-go choices appeared to be very all in or all out as indicated by the online audits.

Since we were truly adaptable, we favored remaining a couple of kilometers out of the zone in a little town called Tsakhkunk, which was home to an exceptionally evaluated guesthouse, from where we drove the short separation to Lake Sevan each time we needed to go there.



  • Paris Hotel
  • Hotel Meg
  • Edem Sevan
  • Ahana Hotel
  • Chambarak Hotel
  • Lavash Hotel
  • Armenia VanSevan Hotel
  • Noy Land Resort
  • Maria Resort
  • Tufenkian Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel
  • Harsnaqar Hotel Complex & Water World
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Ibis yerevan Center Hotel
  • Opera Suite Hotel
  • Best Western Plus Congress Hotel


Where to Eat in Sevan: The Best Restaurants and Bars:

  • Ashot Erkat
  • Tea House Bashinjaghyan
  • Anchor Restaurants
  • Collette Restaurant
  • Tsovasar Restaurant
  • Sevan Brewery
  • Amico Cafe-Pizzeria


How to get to Lake Sevan

The most ideal approach to arrive is to fly into Yerevan. I would suggest you peruse through Skyscanner or Momondo to discover all the modest departures from where you live to Armenia and think about them so you can locate the one best fit for your itinerary.From Yerevan, you can take an immediate minivan to Sevan which goes out a couple of times each day. In the event that you by one way or another miss those immediate associations, you can take a stab at bouncing on a van that is setting out toward Vardenis, Dilijan, Ijevan or Noyemberian and jump off part way. Reaching town with the last alternative is somewhat harder however so I prescribe you to get the immediate van.


Visit the Sevan Writer’s House

Worked in 1969 by two youthful designers, Gevorg Kochar and Mikael Mazmanyan, the Sevan Essayists’ Home is most likely one of the greatest ‘opportunity’ ventures I have ever focused on. This used to be a house for authors, as the name proposes, and now it is simply a dilapidated annuity that ignores the water. It is feeble and needs assistance.

The administration possesses the Sevan Essayists’ Home and we are Urgent for them to change this into something mystical. The structure is one of the most notable Soviet engineering showstoppers anyplace on the planet and it’s a disgrace for this to not get a piece ‘tidied up’ (only for wellbeing … the noteworthy structure and configuration can remain!) and accomplish something with it.

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