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Top 7 Tourist Spots to visit in Kolkata

Situated at the Eastern banks of the Hoogly, Kolkata is the capital of the Indian province of West Bengal. The city is home to the most seasoned working port in India and is the third most populated metropolitan in India after Mumbai and Delhi. The locale went under the Suzerainty of the Nawabs of Bengal under the Mughals and inevitably the English who assumed full responsibility for the city in 1772. The city is likewise the focal point of the mechanical upset in India and the origination of current Indian social, idyllic, creative and artistic development in the middle of the nineteenth and the mid twentieth hundreds of years. The city was likewise the capital of India under the English and was the core of the Indian Freedom Development. The different mixes of societies have earned Kolkata as one of the real traveler goals in India. Here’s the rundown of the best places to visit in Kolkata.


Victoria Memorial:

Another relic of the English Raj in India, the Victoria Remembrance is situated in the core of Kolkata, in West Bengal. This white marbled rich structure was worked in memory of Ruler Victoria to praise her 25 years of standard over India and is right around an imitation of the Victoria Dedication in London. Victoria Remembrance is a famous structure that is synonymous with the city of euphoria!

The remembrance is encompassed by a rich green and well-looked after nursery, which spreads more than 64 sections of land and has various statues and models in it. A sixteen-foot tall bronze statue of triumph, mounted on metal rollers at the highest point of the commemoration, serves to elevate the general intrigue and greatness of the whole unpredictable. Victoria Commemoration is amazing and grand, particularly around evening time, when it is enlightened. The Sound and Light demonstrates that occur at night are an additional joy, and an absolute necessity watch. With everything taken into account, the spot is an unquestionable requirement visit for individuals to wish to remember the quintessence of the Victorian time in the cutting edge world.


Fort William:

Arranged on the eastern banks of Hooghly waterway, Stronghold Williams is a gigantic structure from the pilgrim period that has filled different needs till date. It is one of only a handful couple of Kolkata focal points which is an absolute necessity visit place during your Kolkata touring visit. Known as the ‘dark opening of Calcutta’, this spot was at one time an impermanent correctional facility where detainees were pulled, yet now it fills in as the central station of the Eastern Direction.


Park Street:

Perhaps Kolkata’s most acclaimed road, Park Road (officially renamed as Mother Teresa Sarani) is prestigious for its stimulation, cafés, and conspicuous verifiable tourist spots including old pioneer houses. This famous road was home to India’s first autonomous dance club and has been the focal point of Kolkata’s nightlife since the greatness days of the swinging 60s when scenes flooded with jazz, supper club, and floor appears. Head to Mocambo, Moulin Rouge, Blue Fox and Trinca’s for a surge of wistfulness.


Howrah Bridge of Kolkata:

The development of the 6th longest cantilever connect on the planet, the Howrah Extension is one of the most well known milestones of Kolkata. The extension was initially called the New Howrah Scaffold as it was intended to supplant a more seasoned boat connect on the Hoogly Stream. The extension is frequently viewed as one of the real National Tourist spots in India and is additionally called the Rabindra Setu after the renowned Bengali artistic figure Rabindranath Tagore.



Enter the natural lanes of Chinatown that house an ethnic Chinese populace, settled in Kolkata during the early years. The true Chinese cooking and the as of late created Indian-Chinese sustenance will cause you to overlook conventional Indian flavors. You can even deal on the cheap food slows down or have a brisk early lunch in a make-move nearby Chinese café. In the event that you are visiting at the perfect time, the appeal and enchantment of the Yearly Chinese New Year can be stunning. It will acquaint you with the way of life of the Chinese workers living in one of the real metros, as Indians.


Belur Math:

Rambling more than forty sections of land of arrive on the west bank of the Hooghly Waterway, Belur; the Belur Math in Kolkata is a position of journey and furthermore the home office of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world, independent of the religion that they put stock in, visit the sanctuary to appreciate the quietness and peacefulness that it pervades.

The individuals who are not keen on religion likewise come to Belur Math to encounter and welcome the harmony that it diffuses into nature, and eventually into the internal soul. The sanctuary is noted for its phenomenal engineering, which skilfully and aesthetically intertwines Hindu, Christian and Islamic themes together as an image of solidarity everything being equal. Established by Swami Vivekananda, the central devotee of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the sanctuary is at the core of the Ramakrishna Development. The sanctuary complex additionally houses a historical center and a few other subsidiary instructive establishments. Vacationers regularly go through around 3-4 hours here, yet the encounters and assessments felt here remain with them until the end of time.


Mother House:

Otherwise called the Teachers of Philanthropy, Mother House was built up by Mother Teresa in 1950 as a religious get together. The essential go for the Sisters of the house is to give free administrations to the wiped out, poor people, tranquilize addicts, physically and simple-minded people, casualties of characteristic catastrophes, vagrants, and even run schools to instruct road youngsters. Today, the organization has a few branches running everywhere throughout the world to pursue similar practices of magnanimous commitment and serve those out of luck. The most captivating piece of the house for guests is the tomb of Mother Teresa. Situated close by this tomb is additionally a show showing her labor of love and her own assets like sarees, shoes, and her sack, which makes this one of the most special spots to visit in Kolkata.

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