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About Dettifoss Waterfalls in Iceland

The Dettifoss cascade is with the best cascade in Europe. Dettifoss is 45 m high and 100m wide. A pleasant climbing trail, 34km, comes the gorge from Dettifoss to Asbyrgi. Outdoors conceivable in Vesturdalur.

Street 864 goes from street 85 past Dettifoss on the east side towards street 1. This is a rock street and driving velocity relies upon street conditions each time. Street 864 is shut down durning winter time because of snow or wet condtitions (sloppy street) and does not open until late-spring (end of May).

Rock street 862 is on the west side of stream Jökulsá. The street is acceptable for typical vehicles from Asbyrgi to Dettifoss, with Vesturdalur (Hljodaklettar) and Holmatungur between. Up until 2011 this street was ordered as a mountain street (F-street) however is presently filled in as a rock street. The states of rock streets in Iceland can shift, so voyagers are solicited to know from street conditions whenever and alter driving pace to the conditions.

Street 862 is shut down durning winter time, because of snow or wet conditions (sloppy street) and does not open until late May or early June. From Dettifoss onwards south to street 1, on the west waterway bank, there is another, cleared street which is tolerable for all vehicles. This street isn’t in administration from January until the start of April.


Where is Dettifoss….?

Dettifoss is situated in North Iceland, North of the Ring Street on the Precious stone Circle course. Around 330 miles from Reykjavik, guests are probably going to go through in any event an ends of the week excursion in the North Iceland locale to amplify their time in this activity stuffed, remote side of the island. As a base, you might need to investigate remaining in the huge, Northern town of Akureyri, 150 km (95 miles) from the cascade.


How to get Dettifoss Waterfall……….?

In the event that you drive to Dettifoss from Reykjavík in one hit, the adventure will assume control more than 7 hours! We don’t prescribe this – you’ll discard such a significant number of milestones worth halting for! From Akureyri – the biggest town in the north of Iceland, the cascade is only 2 hours away – following the Þjóðvegur street to Hólsfjallavegur.

Passing the sign for Mývatn, you have to turn onto street 862. This short stretch will lead you toward the West bank of the cascade and is a rock street, notwithstanding, in terrible conditions it is shut off. The states of rock streets in Iceland can fluctuate, so voyagers are prewarned to know about street conditions consistently and change driving velocity to the conditions generally fitting.

When in doubt, if the street is shut down off it is presumably not worth the danger of finding another path in (Street 864) as the fall itself will be risky and elusive. The East side of the cascade can likewise be come to by means of Street 864, yet the streets are less sheltered and some portion of the course is a basic soil track, which is conceivably risky amid the winter. Street 864 shuts down because of snow or wet conditions and is regularly out of access from November – end of May.


When is the best time to visit Dettifoss…?

Amid the late spring the fall is busy’s mightiest, with a normal water stream of 400 m3/s and is progressively open in the manner that amid winter the fall can’t be gotten to without the guide of yak-trax or crampons as a result of the danger of slipping on ice. Amid the winter, icicles dangle from the stones and snow paints the slopes, however you can just observe this for a couple of hours before the sun totally sets, and the cascade isn’t lit up around evening time or amid the murkiness.

As referenced, Street 864 can be shut amid the whole winter season, because of substantial snow or wet and sloppy conditions. The street does not open until late May or early June. There is another, cleared street which is acceptable for all vehicles from Dettifoss, South to Street 1, from the West side waterway bank yet this street is out of administration from January until the start of April.


Other waterfalls near Dettifoss

In the event that you’ve time to take a meander, it’s about 4km upstream to see Dettifoss’ younger sibling, Selfoss. Two kilometers the other way, there is a defining moment off the street in the event that you’d like to achieve their other kin, Hafragilsfoss. The nearest approach is from the western side, yet be careful – this is an especially bold course, hope to scramble down ropes and soak slants.

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