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Top 10 Best Places to Travel in Colombia

Home to a horrible however rich history, exquisite pilgrim urban communities and dazzling view, Colombia has something for each kindred explorer to appreciate. You can bounce on a plane and in under a hour end up in a totally unique world, be it the silver sandy shorelines on the Caribbean Drift, the cobbled boulevards of a beguiling frontier town, or the rich green espresso estates covered up in the Andes Mountains.

Be that as it may, being such a huge nation with such a large number of stunning goals, it tends to be very overpowering to design an outing. To enable you to choose where to go, here is a rundown of the 12 best urban communities to visit in Colombia, from the undeniable to the more one of a kind.


1. Eje Cafetero

The world’s third-biggest maker of espresso beans, Colombia is a fabulous nation for tastings and visits. Most by far of generation happens in the subtropical Andean slopes west of Bogota between the little urban communities of Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales. This area, known as the Eje Cafetero (or Espresso Hub), is home to a developing number of espresso manors that have opened up their activities to the general population as of late for visits, tastings, and luxurious ranch remains. These little (and frequently natural) ranches are the sort of spots where the rancher proprietor may remove a hour from his day to clarify the procedure of how a modest “cherry” transforms into an espresso bean that will one day be simmered and ground into a latte back home.

The little resort town of Salento is effectively the most appealing spot to base yourself, with various ranch visits adjacent and a lot of activities. You’ll likewise have simple access to attractions like Cocora Valley, home to the tallest palm trees on the planet. You can lease bikes from Salento to investigate the area under your very own steam or ride on one of the out-dated Willy jeeps that fill in as the town’s true cabs.


2. Manizales

Manizales is tucked high in the Andes Mountains among Medellin and Bogota, encompassed by espresso cultivates and loaded up with soak slopes. Being home to a few major colleges in Colombia, the town has a hip and energetic vibe all year; one of a kind thing to encounter is the meaningful Manizales Fairs, a national social legacy that happens each year on the second seven day stretch of January, facilitating bullfighting, marches and the renowned Universal Espresso Magnificence Show.

Manizale is likewise near the acclaimed Parque de Los Nevados and its snow-topped volcanoes. Climbing up the national stop is testing however the landscape is certainly fulfilling; you will even get the chance to see the world’s solitary pink magma!


3. Medellin

Bogotá may be the Colombian capital, yet it’s the littler and more sensible city of Medellin that will in general catch the hearts of guests. Medellin was named the most hazardous city on the world in the mid 1990s, however a fourth of a century later, it has earned a notoriety for something completely extraordinary: development. The city flaunts link vehicles connecting the settlements in its slopes to a cutting edge metro framework in the valley underneath, a greenbelt of lavish “eco parks,” and striking libraries and network focuses in the absolute poorest neighborhoods.

An extraordinary day of touring may begin in the Old Quarter at Botero Court, where you’ll discover a gathering of 23 stout models given by the adored Colombian craftsman Fernando Botero. Neighboring the court is the must-visit Exhibition hall of Antioquia and the striking Rafael Uribe Royal residence of Culture. At that point, head into the slopes above town by riding the smooth lift framework through Comuna 13 to investigate this present neighborhood’s vivid homes and expand road wall paintings. Complete your day in Medellin’s trendiest collective, El Poblado, where you’ll discover humming restaurants, boutique shops, and most by far of the city’s inns.


4. San Andres

One essentially can’t discuss Colombian shorelines without making reference to San Andres. The seahorse-formed island sits off the shores of Nicaragua and albeit generally far from the territory, it remains the most mainstream shoreline goal for mainlanders. Shoreline goers looking for a touch of unwinding will discover here the ideal place to laze away in loungers while viewing the world cruise by. The nightfalls won’t frustrate and numerous easygoing beachfront eateries with incredible feeling can be found.

Fun actuality: being a Colombian domain in Costa Rican and Nicaraguan waters, San Andres is in certainty an obligation free zone! Merchandise sold there are less expensive than some other airplane terminal on the planet so prepare your Visa, it’s the ideal opportunity for some shopping!


5.  Providencia Island

This eccentric Caribbean Island departs some first-time guests confounded. First of all, it’s far nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia. At that point there’s the way that its inhabitants don’t communicate in Spanish but instead an English Creole. Obviously, none of that truly matters when you end up sunning on the most shocking shorelines under the Colombian banner. Minimal in excess of a dab of brilliant sands and lively palms, this disengaged island is the gem of the UNESCO-ensured Seaflower Biosphere Hold with a portion of the world’s most prominent marine biodiversity simply holding up to be investigated. You’ll have to initially stop on the more famous San Andrés Island and catch a short container plane or three-hour sailboat ride to achieve Providencia. Once there, you’ll locate the biggest accumulation of bungalows and lodgings in the little villa of Aguadulce on the shocking west shoreline of the island.


6. Bogota

Bogota, likewise alluded to as The Athens of South America, is Colombia’s capital and one of the biggest urban areas of the mainland. The city’s social center point is La Candelaria, the cobblestoned memorable downtown to which most voyagers will in general float. It is pressed with frontier structures, popular bistros and intriguing historical centers including the most renowned Museo del Oro, which contains in excess of 34,000 bits of gold and different sorts of articles having a place with the pre-Hispanic social orders in Colombia.

Make sure to look at the Gaira Bistro Cumbia House on a Friday or Saturday night, it will promise you an incredible Colombian-style night out! Keep running by the well known Colombian vocalist Carlos Vives, this mixed eatery and bar has its very own phase for end of the week unrecorded music shows and serves delectable waterfront Colombian dishes.


7. Hacienda Napoles

On the off chance that there’s small time who waits substantial over Colombia’s ongoing history, it’s the extremely rich person sedate trafficker Pablo Escobar. What few individuals acknowledge is that you can really visit the luxurious home constructed and claimed by Escobar in Puerto Triunfo, around 110 miles east of Medellin. The rambling mind boggling, known as Hacienda Nápoles, fell into dilapidation in the decade after Escobar’s passing in 1993. Be that as it may, the nearby region took control of the property in the mid-2000s and transformed it into – for goodness’ sake – a consistently developing event congregation with a mixed blend of themed zones, inns, a water park, and safari-style zoo.

The beguilements and lodgings might be new, however indications of Escobar are all over the place. His antique vehicle gathering sits in plain view by the vestiges of his previous manor, one of the Cessna planes he used to carry medications to the US is roosted on the section entryway, and there’s a little historical center that thinks about his heritage. There is likewise a Jurassic zone loaded up with the life-estimate dinosaur reproductions he acquired for his child and a wild hippo crowd that, following quite a while of substantial multiplication, has developed from four to 40 and now speaks to the biggest group outside of Africa.


8. Santa Marta

Another prime spot for shoreline darlings would be Santa Clause Marta. Likewise situated in the Caribbean Ocean, usually utilized as only a bouncing off point for the encompassing islands, yet is unquestionably worth committing some more opportunity to! Santa Clause Marta’s moving sea sees are no less terrific than those in San Andres and offers some life-changing encounters, for example, swimming with dolphins and reef swimming.

Bear in mind to visit Tayrona National Park, it is maybe the best excursion you can remove from Santa Clause Marta and takes just 45-minutes by transport. Its immaculate shorelines and natural appeal makes it a standout amongst the most beautiful sights in Colombia.


9. Filandia in Colombia

Another of Salento’s sister towns is Filandia, additionally situated inside the “Espresso Triangle”. It is significantly less frequented by nonnatives than different zones of the locale, in truth you will most likely be the main couple of outsiders around the local area, which is the ideal opportunity to have a real affair of the place. You won’t discover stores offering gifts and printed shirts; rather, you will see a Colombian common laborers town that is centered around itself and what it does – customary woven bins and espresso.

Walk around the boulevards of shading sprinkled houses and breathe in the tasty aroma of espresso that waits noticeable all around. The best activity in Filandia is to take a second and do nothing by any stretch of the imagination, with the exception of appreciate a decent measure of the simple thing this district is known for. In the case of drinking isn’t sufficient, visit any of the espresso ranches and figure out how it’s made with a nearby espresso rancher!


10. Mocoa

At last, we have the city of Mocoa. Being a piece of the Columbian Amazon, it is home to probably the coolest cascades and swimming caverns and is as of now one of the “fashionable person” goals of decision in Columbia. A considerable measure of explorers come to attempt the ayahuasca, the incredible psychedelic blend that customary Amazonian healers use to fix the harried personality and soul. Be that as it may, if this isn’t some tea, there are a lot of different activities, for example, birdwatching visits in the rainforest and wilderness climbs to the Blade del Mundo and Hornoyaco Cascade.

It isn’t difficult to tell from this considerable rundown that Colombia has a bewildering number of goals to browse; there is simply such a great amount to see and improve the situation the enthusiastic explorer! Regardless of whether you’re searching for a loosening up shoreline occasion, an activity filled experience or a bona fide social adventure, Colombia has everything.

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